3 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Last year I did a blog post titled, ‘10 Things You Might Not Know About Me‘. It was a hit.  I was surprised.  After doing this for so long in this space I didn’t think that could even be possible.  But today, I bring you three more things you might not know about me.

  1.  I’m an only child. I used to play board games by myself as a kid and I have no idea how to play most card games.  I also talk to myself a lot at home, in the car or out in public.  People at Target look at me strange all the time.  That’s fine. (See #22)
  2. I could eat popcorn every day. All day. There is never a time that I don’t want popcorn. Movie theater is best, but I’ll pop some at home.  I’ll eat it out of a bag, box or in many flavors.  My kids call me the ‘Popcorn Monster’ and I totally own that title.
  3. Recently I was asked by Media Shower about being a lifestyle blogger and influencer and about my experiences collaborating with brands and promoting products. Here’s what I shared:

What inspired you to create your blog, The Mummy Chronicles?

I created The Mummy Chronicles (TMC) at a time when the mommy blog was just kicking off. I was pregnant with my first child and as one of the few women in my office I was fielding questions from my co-workers that my friends found weird and laughable. They kept telling me that I needed to write about it. At first, I wrote about being a working mother. Then as one experiencing Post-Partum Depression and advocate and finally making the transition from a desk job to a freelance writer. Now, it’s a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion, fitness and cars.

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