How to Stop Fear and Doubt from Ruling Your Life

Fear and Doubt.  Two of our worst enemies.  Are they ruling your life?  I know that if I don’t watch myself and stay vigilant they begin to creep in and start their own podcasting duo in my brain that I do not want on my playlist.

fear and doubt quote 1

No, really.

How do we stop fear and doubt from running their crappy commentary in our life and sucking up our energy and brain power?  

Here’s what happened with me and how I’m dealing with it.

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So daily, I’m using my mind, body and soul to kick ass and kick fear and doubt to the curb.  I listen to lots of podcasts each day and read a lot while I work to combat them.  I have practically wall papered my office with quotes and images that assist with this ass kicking behavior as well as creating an old school vision board full of long and shot term goals (you can see it in the background of the video).  You know what?  It’s working.  I’m more positive this year towards my work and life.

Now when these two start talking shit I basically act like Kevin McCallister from ‘Home Alone’ when tells the furnace to “shut up” and then I move on and continue to reach my goals.  It’s phenomenal and it is easier than you think.

You just have to commit.