5 Reasons Rent the Runway is Worth Trying

I’ve been a fan of Rent the Runway (RTR) for a long time.  So much so that I have come to rely on it for business dinners, galas, special events and even a meeting or two. My love for it and its convenience goes beyond pretty dresses.

Just look at this tuxedo-style jumpsuit that I wore to a gala I attended with H last Friday.

rent the runway tuxedo jumpsuit

Badgley Mischka ‘Emma’ Jumpsuit

rent the runway 2

I loved this jumpsuit for a lot of reasons. It has pockets.  It’s a jumpsuit and not a dress and it shined on its own and didn’t require me adding more accessories to it.  I felt like I could throw it on and go.  The next day I just bagged it up and sent it on its way.  It was worn to a real estate gala but it wasn’t going to take up any real estate in my closet. BOOM!

rent the runway 3

  1.  It’s fast and convenient.  But you already knew that. You can rent for 4 days or 8.  Once you wear it you just bag it up with its friend and send it back via UPS.  No hassles. I like my dress to arrive the day before the event.
  2. It comes with the size up or size down option.  Additionally, RTR now allows you to pick a replacement at no extra cost.  If shipping has problems or your dress runs into bad weather or any other problems on its way to you, then RTR sends out the replacement you already picked out.
  3. The reviews are worth reading.  With pictures included and the ability to see reviews on real women in your weight, height and cup size you can definitely get a feel for how the item will work for you.
  4. There are many price points. I’ve rented as low as $30 and as high as $150 but you can go even further.
  5. The filter options are fantastic.  Choose your size, the dates you need the item, your zip code and price point.  Filter by color, body shape, event and more.

Rent the Runway is just that easy and I’ll keep using it again and again.  It saves me from the endless searching at stores and online.  It saves me money and I always feel that I can go a little outside my comfort zone if I want to and wear designers I wouldn’t be able to on my own budget.  That makes it fun time after time.

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    • Victoria says

      Thank you, Tamara! I love that they now also offer MATERNITY styles too. I would have used the heck out of that!

  1. robjodiefilogomo says

    I’ve used RTR in the past many times and I think it’s such a fabulous service!! Their reviews are always so helpful, and I like how you get two sizes for the item!! Great jumpsuit!!

    • Victoria says

      The new replacement service is fantastic too. They worked with me when a dress was suddenly not available for me and there was almost nothing left in my size. I came away with a stunning look that I would have never believed would work on me. LOVE. Thanks for stopping by!!

    • says

      Any event I have, I’m renting. After years of being a bridesmaid, buying dresses for conferences and going to military balls I am so over buying dresses that sit in my closet.

    • says

      Thank you!! It is so fun. Last year I rented a long sleeve white dress for a January event and it was so different from all the sleeveless sheaths out there. I love that you can look by body type too.

    • says

      Here’s what I did the first few times I was a bit shy about it. I picked dresses that were under $50 so I wouldn’t feel too much out of my pocket. Then I researched how it looked in the reviews on other women in my height and dress size. It has never failed me.

  2. Goddesslily says

    You have a nice body… on one of your linkups can you share “how to get our body summer ready”, i’m trying so much stuff to no avail!

    • says

      That’s a great idea! Thanks! I know I’ve written posts like that for other sites. I follow the 80/20 rule. That means 80% is the food I eat versus my working out. The workouts have to combine cardio and strength training too. Portion control is super important too. I should do more soon. THanks for reading!!

  3. polishedwhimsy says

    I’ve always wanted to try RTR. Thanks for your thorough analysis. I think I’ll give it a go for my next event! Also that jumpsuit looks DIVINE on you! So gorgeous!!!