2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring

The 2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring is a head turner. Did I mention that it is also family car?


Source: Victoria Mason

Yes! The Mazda6 is a four door sedan that offers style, comfort and a safe ride all in one without compromising on looks.

The arrival of the Mazda6 Grand Touring came on another cold winter day.  A year ago I reviewed the 2016 Mazda6 and got the same reactions from people, “What a hot car! What is it?”  The same goes for the 2017 model.  That’s because this year the Mazda6 remains unchanged on the exterior with some small changes inside and under the hood.  It’s the little things, right?

What’s New

The biggest change is that the Mazda6 has Skyactiv-G which means that the car has better steering response.  When I realized this and felt it I thought, “Oh, this is so Mazda!”  It is one of the reasons why I love driving their cars.  There is an almost imperceptible feeling with Mazda that makes you feel very centered and at one with their vehicles when you are driving them. Not only do you feel more comfortable behind the wheel but the car works with you instead of you working for the car.  In turn you also feel safer.


Source: Victoria Mason

The interior is quieter this year.  Road noise has been reduced and that earns top marks with me.  Step inside the Mazda6 and settle in for a ride that has better interior lighting (in the Grand Touring package) and heated seats in the back seats too.  Contrast stitching on the Nappa leather is a nice touch.  The minute you open the door of the Mazda6 with its Parchment colored Nappa leather with a black roof and interior accents you just want to climb inside.


Simple, stylish and safe for the whole family.

Why Buy?

There are a lot of family sedans on the market today.  So, why should you buy a Mazda6 instead of one of the many other vehicles out there?  I am often asked this question.  What is the best family car for me and my family? I tell them it is personal and you have to consider your lifestyle first and then look at price.


7-inch display with Mazda Connect infotainment system that works intuitively and looks similar in style to luxury market vehicles.  

Many times the Mazda6 comes up because it doesn’t look like your typical family sedan and I like that. The Mazda6 is sleek, it’s sporty and doesn’t sacrifice on space.  At the same time there is real power to it. The 2.5L, 4-cylinder engine offers 184 horsepower with 185 lb-ft. torque.  Blah, blah, blah. That means very little to many drivers and buyers.  Instead hear this; this car feels powerful because it is powerful.  It performs like an athlete and you feel that level of performance the minute you get behind the wheel.  Yet it is not intimidating to drive.  The sport mode is a fun option and when combined with its fuel efficiency (27 mpg city, 35 highway, 30 combined), its overall comfort, roomy trunk space (14.8 cubic ft) and well-rounded feature offerings on all trim packages the Mazda6 stands out from the crowd.

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In the end, the Mazda6 is one of my top picks for family cars. I’m a sucker for style and comfort and a good price. The starting MSRP for the Mazda6 is $30,195 for the Grand Touring package.  As tested it is $34.530 which makes it an excellent and affordable family sedan.


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