Lazy Sunday

You need a lazy Sunday. I need a lazy Sunday. We all need one! The weather dropping to lows this week and doing insane snow things has made us all want to put on some cozy clothes and warm socks and just snuggle in for a spell.

I’ve been busy and in full comfort mode when it comes to clothes.  Unless I have to be out of the house and representing my business I am all about utility and practicality.  That means the activewear stays on longer, slip on sneakers are my BFF and sweatshirts are my JAM! I’m straight up OBSESSED with this one  because it is so soft. Plus, if I pull the hood up I can write and be all Evil Emperor.

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    • Victoria says

      Yes!! I only want to read the paper and watch movies or go for a run. And then watch The Walking Dead.

    • Victoria says

      Find some time this weekend. I’m flying on Sunday this week all day. I’m going to wear comfy clothes and read and nap while on the plane.

    • Victoria says

      I feel the same way. I’m super cold today and it is windy and I do not want to do all the things!

  1. says

    Lazy Sundays are the best. Especially, this past one thanks to the yucky dreary weather. But knowing the Grammys were later on that night made Sunday go by in a breeze.