8 Genius Fitness Tips for Full Time Working Moms

Yes, we’ve got them! Fitness tips for full time working moms and ALL moms.  We need them and we need to stick together!

Working full time comes with a set of stresses. You need to be focused, and give your best efforts. Raising a baby is exactly the same. There’s so much for you to do, from laundry to cleaning, from cooking to organizing childcare. It’s so easy for certain things to slip off your to do list, like keeping fit. Keeping fit is still important because, besides the health benefits, it’s one of the things that you can still do for you.

Source: Daily Burn

  1. Prioritize your fitness

You won’t do anything to keep fit unless you prioritize it. The health benefits alone are worth taking the time to keep fit, but you shouldn’t underestimate it as a way for you to have some time to focus on you as well. Between your job, and your child, you need to spend some time focusing on your own needs as well.

  1. Short workouts

Even if you can’t find the time to get to the gym, you can still get a short workout at home. If you can even find ten minutes for high energy exercising, it can still impact your health and fitness levels.

Source: Daily Burn

  1. Bring your baby with you

Babies like fresh air and getting out as much as you do, so put your baby in the stroller and go for a job. Some strollers are better for this than others so look for the best baby strollers for exercising with. What you need in a stroller will depend on where you like to jog. If you like to jog off road, then look for a stroller with tires that will suit off road terrain.

  1. Hydrate

Research has shown that dehydration affects us in many ways, like changing our mood, and reducing the concentration. You should drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

  1. Manage your time

There are ways that you can workout while you’re working. If you’re standing in line, raise your calves ,and slightly move your feet. If you’re sitting pull your stomach in, and release. Park your car a slight distance away from your destination, or get off your subway a stop earlier, so you have to walk. You can add in a mini workout wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

  1. Good Days and Bad Days

You will have some days when you are full of energy and are very excited about exercising, and others when you feel too tired to even think about it. However, if you understand that this can happen, you can help yourself overcome these obstacles to your exercise.

  1. Find an Exercise Buddy

Find a full time working mom to exercise with, or a group of them. These are the people who will understand what you want to achieve, and if you are having a bad day, they can encourage you through it. And then you can do the same for them. Having a support network can help you stay on track.

  1. Sleep

When you become a parent sleep can become a rare, and sometimes elusive thing, so whenever you get the chance to go to bed early, or sleep a little later in the morning, take it.


You can do all of these things to help improve and maintain your fitness, and you could also take your child to the park. You get to keep fit by playing, and running with your child, and you get some really important quality bonding time as well.


*This is a guest post by Caroline Kastner. Links and opinions are by the author of the guest post and do not reflect those of TMC.