Work Out to Work Better

Ask yourself this question.

Do you do it to stay fit or just fit into your pants?  Are you maintaining or achieving? Do you do it to perform better or just like the challenge of taking a new class or getting to the next level?

Think about what you just read.  There’s a correlation between how you work out and how you work and perform at your job.  If you are just biding time, getting in your 30 minutes in on the treadmill, so that you can say you ‘hit the gym’ then you might be doing the very same thing at the office or on the job. You clocked your hours, have a few power days, but overall you are coasting along.

Did you ever consider how if you push yourself harder at the gym you might approach your work differently? Maybe you’ll decide to make a leap to something new or start a gig on the side that feeds your passion.

Fact #1: When I up my fitness routine and challenge myself to a new style of workout (hello MMA!) I find that my brain gets fired up BIG TIME and so does my creativity and my energy to tackle more at work. I want to push my work life further and harder due to the high I get from my work outs and it just snowballs from there into the rest of my life and with everyone I interact with each day.

Fact #2: It’s uncomfortable to do any and all of this.  It takes time, discipline and planning and that is all hard to maintain. Why not just keep the status quo? One reason and it is really simple and it is EVERYTHING.  You have one life.  That’s it.  No second chances.

Push yourself out of the comfort zone a little each day and you will soon find that you will burn brighter and stronger for longer each time and what you are doing and creating is amazing.  

Watch. Listen. Try not to laugh as I do my weekly videos I’m pushing myself in a new way too.

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