Put on the Damn Suit, Already

Yesterday, I took part in a different sort of blog link up.  The #MySwimsuitStyle could easily be pushed aside as yet another attempt at us telling ourselves we are beautiful no matter what so just wear the damn swimsuit already posts.  Each summer we do it, am I right?

Then the summer turns to fall and guess what?  Winter is coming.  Before you know we are speeding headlong into another summer and we freak out all over again?  WHY?  Because we didn’t reach some idea in our brain of what we *think* we should look like?  Because we read too many SELF magazines at the gym? Probably.  Sigh.

What made the #MySwimsuitStyle challenge, created by VeryBusyMama, different was not the sponsor of Miraclesuit.  Nope.  It was that ladies from all over the world stepped out into the sun and showed off their bodies.  “Can’t show it at the pool but let’s show the world!” I like that mindset.  Self love, not self-loathing.  That’s how we coined it.  That’s how it will continue.  I’m posting more pics today.  #cantstopwontstop.  Suddenly showing it off at the pool or local beach seems a whole lot easier.


I urge you to do it too. Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and add the hashtag #MySwimSuitStyle because together we can make a difference. Together, we can see that we are all different in body type and swimsuit style and that’s awesome.

You can still do Whatcha Wearing Wednesday’s link up too.  But I ask that you do this one as well.  Go ahead… you know you want to take a peek. There’s a third trimester bikini shot of me in there!

Poolside Necessities


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  1. says

    Love that all of you ladies are embracing your beautiful bathing suit bodies!! Great post and for real, SELF Magazine needs to show some everyday ladies every now and then. 🙂

    pumps and push-ups

    • Victoria says

      Oh my goodness, Heather, you just made my day!!!! Thank you! I really hope more people do it and it gets some attention. My friend is going on tv this morning here in DC to talk more about it! I’m so excited!