Manageable Monday

“sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering ‘I will try again tomorrow’.” -Winston Churchill

This morning I poured water into my coffee instead of cream. Then I stuck my toast in the toaster and never turned it on. I drove the Third Element to preschool and received an email that the school didn’t have power today. As the sun shone brightly overhead promising our first 80 degree day I decided to just lower my expectations and drove us home. Today, it is only about making things manageable because clearly soaring new heights will have to wait until tomorrow and this is just fine.

That being said I couldn’t resist highlighting a great look from last week’s link-up, Whatcha Wearing Wednesday. Chanelle from The Kim Chronicles showed off “High/Low: The Bee Knees” displaying a perfect mix of thrifted with high end pieces that all came together for a look that would certainly make this Monday more manageable indeed.





Thrifted Blouse (similar) (similar)/H&M Boyfriend Jeans/UO Fedora/Target Sunglasses/Balenciaga purse (similar)/Chanel Ballet Flats (similar) (similar)/Love Always Gold Bangles (similar)

Happy Monday, Everyone!