Let’s Talk Normcore Chic

Ladies, I have a confession to make.  I am super camera shy.  While I adore a great photo of myself I do not love being in front of the camera. It is my least favorite part about doing my weekly fashion posts.  But I’m a firm believer in kicking yourself out of your comfort zone to meet new people, try new things and continuing to grow.  Often times I do this in haste and then later realize that by saying yes to that new experience I have made myself very uncomfortable.  That was the case when I said yes to chief stylist Rosana from DCStyleFactory earlier this month.

She needed models for Let’s Talk Live.  As in on-camera models. Eesh! I was fine at my fitting for Normcore Chic.


Image courtesy of DCStyleFactory

But in the days leading up to the actual television event, where I had nothing to do but stand and smile, I wanted to crawl under a rock. It seemed way too much. There’s a reason I’m a writer. I started to think of excuses about why I shouldn’t do it.  “It’s not a paid gig.”  “I should just focus on my work or the kids.”  I thought “how selfish of me to ask my parents to take over my daily parental duties” for something like this.  All that worry and stress for nothing.  The traffic to the television studio was what ended up being the nerve-wracking thing.  I was fine. It was fun and a total break from the normal routine. Plus, the look is affordable!  Check it out the full video.


Gap Essential Leggings/Zara Tunic (similar)/Dolce Vita Slides/Zara Combined Shopper Bag (comes in THREE colors!)/Scarf 

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    You looked great in that TV segment! I actually havent heard of the term “norm core” but your outfit definitely did not look frumpy!!

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    I don’t think I’d be very comfortable in that situation either, but what an awesome experience! Also- your scarf game is really on point. I love the way that’s tied!

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    I’m with you on being camera shy. I’m trying to break out of that with my daily videos. You did amazing and looked gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing.