Birthday Wishes

You would think that as an adult I would get tired of my birthday and birthday wishes. But I don’t.  Nope. No way. Each year I get as excited as a five year-old that my birthday is just around the corner.  I think of all the fun things I want to do (brunch! friends! dinner! lunch! a movie!), the people I want to surround me and then inevitably I’m asked what I want and I just clam up.  I don’t want anyone to actually go through the hassle of planning anything for me or visiting over the holiday weekend.  They have plans already and it’s a pain to travel.

I concocted my own little shopping spree for my birthday.  A list of pretty things I love that make me smile and feel like spring.  Then, I’ll probably shove my face full of food I’ll run off later. Champagne, anyone?

 Have a great weekend everyone!  I raise my glass to you my readers and wish you nothing but sunshine and relaxation!