Demo & Denim

While people are screeching about it being a polar vortex style cold when it’s really only January we are in total “go” mode.  The move is consuming us.  Just when I thought I had purged everything I keep finding more stuff to trash or donate.  It’s a good feeling.

We’ve been very lucky that the owners let us get into the house before we officially own it to do some mold remediation (read demo) and get some of the painting started.  It’s been a total blessing that the mold was actually insignificant and on the surface only. Every room needs to be painted and patched too.

Half the basement needed the walls removed due to mold.  All drywall ripped down, carpet removed and mold fogged and gone.  Time to rip down the ugly border that plagued the rest of the basement.

One bedroom was painted a dark navy and khaki with a ridiculous amount of holes, cracks and tears that just kept coming the more we patched.

This is as dressed up as I get right now considering the fact that I’m sanding grit-textured walls, ripping down drywall and spackling.  A day without demo but a million Home Depot, moving supplies and paint store runs.


Old Navy vest (similar)/Old Navy Striped Turtleneck (similar)/Jeans/ L.L. Bean Riding Boots (similar)/ Gold Link Bracelet (similar)




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  1. Jenny says

    Looks like things are super busy, but you seem happy. Can’t wait to see what you do to transform that place. Congratulations again on the new home!

    • Victoria says

      Thanks, Jenny! You are not the first person to say that. I’m elated! Years of looking have finally paid off and it’s crazy busy but also fun. You know we live for this stuff. 🙂

  2. says

    You look amazing for doing work. I typically look awful when doing anything like that.
    Exciting about the house, have fun with all the renovation & getting rid of that mold stuff.
    Thank you for the link up lady!

    Andrea @ #realmomstyle