Pastels & Shades of Gray

Guess what? More gray this week! I know, I’ve been OD’ing on gray lately, it is so obviously trending this season and I can’t stop letting it drape itself on my body each day.

I was about to fold away my pastel jeans for the season. Then it was 80 degrees and I decided to let them have one more showing. I paired them with a gray t-shirt from Forever 21 and my Mossimo gray slip-on sneakers. It was all I could manage when the weather was windy and gray one minute and sunny and hot the next. By 3 o’clock I had shorts on. Pictures were never taken.

Pastels for Fall/Winter 2014


This is a good representation.  Next week, I swear that I will wear something that is not gray. And be back with some actual photos.

Truthfully things have been a bit weird around here lately. H and I have been working really hard on our house to get it ready so we can move out of it. We’ve been here ten years. We had three kids here and a demented dog. Since the day we moved in we have been updating it, but the last few months it was like a fire was lit within us. We worked all the time. I shoved off work and stopped doing as much so I could paint cabinets, spackle walls and clean up the yard while the kids were in school. We put in new counter tops and stained the deck. Almost every room has a new coat of paint on it. I realized I’m more handy that I ever knew.  I tossed and donated more of our stuff than ever before. I actually went through every closet and drawer in our home and cleaned it out.

All because on a random Thursday in August, I found a place that we loved and wanted to make our new home.

As real estate investors we know that deals can go south fast. We know that you should never let yourself fall for a place and get emotionally invested in it but we broke all those rules. We knew that the process with this particular house was going to be long, but we didn’t care. We could hang. We could be patient in ways that we had never been before. This place was our dream home.

Last week, it all went away. Things didn’t work out on the other side of the deal and my brain just shut down. I felt broken. I hated that I felt this bad about something that was basically just a thing. Something to acquire, granted way more space for our growing family, but still just stuff. Nothing life or death. I felt so sad and frustrated and disappointed. For the first time in years I wore a lot of yoga pants. Outside the gym.  I didn’t want to put on make-up or even dry my hair.

We spent the weekend finishing off our projects. I couldn’t leave them undone. My New England sensibilities kicked in.  It was too upsetting to see things like that as a reminder. I started looking for a new place and we even visited a few houses. None of them were a home. At least not for us. We might get back into that deal. We’ve been told it is back on, which is wonderful, but I don’t quite believe it. I’m scared to get excited and I’m trying not to see a bunch of gray limbo land in my days.  I think soon I’ll be wearing something besides shades of gray.

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  1. says

    Ah, Victoria, what a frustrating, heartbreaking story! So much work done and so much hope built up only to have it all fall through! ARGH!!!! I hope somehow things work out and you are able to find a great place for your family. You can wear as much gray as you need to in the meantime. I won’t judge. 😉
    Gina – On the Daily Express

    • Victoria says

      Thanks, Gina. That means a lot. I think we are finally realizing how tired we are physically and emotionally but we are still ready to keep going. I branched out today- black and dark rinse jeans. Ha. 🙂

    • Victoria says

      It is. Last week was rough but we got back on the horse and are hoping it either goes through or we find something we love just as much.

  2. says

    Gosh! I’m so sorry for your experience about that property!!! I used to sell properties and the toughest part was getting emotionally invested with my clients and feeling so helpless when I wanted to make everything work, but not everything went my way.
    On another note: I am still in love with neutrals and pastels. They are so versatile, elegant and chic to wear.
    Red Reticule

  3. says

    This is such a Vicki outfit. I could totally see you wearing it. Love all the gray. The slip-ons are gorgeous.

    Pleasure linking up as usual. =)

  4. says

    I love, love, love grey! Almost as much as I love leopard. I have a terrible habit of collecting far too many grey necks, but I can’t help it! lol 😉 Great post!

  5. says

    I am so sorry that things fell through with the house, but it looks like it might be meant to be after all. Keep your chin up. Everything happens for a reason and in His time. On a happy note, I love your round up and this color palette. 🙂

    • says

      Thank you Shanna. We have no news, no timeline or anything but that is exactly what I thought and said to H after we got the news, “I guess God needs us to move later. We don’t know why but this is how it is supposed to be. “

  6. says

    Sometimes things fall apart so better things can come together. I’ve had some shitty days too of late, but things are picking up! Hang in there and for the love of God, woman, get out of gray! xoxox

  7. says

    I’m smitten with grey also. went through my closet today and I was like “woah, gotta slow down on the grey” super cute.

    Yes, we’d love for you to co-host with us. Shoot me an email and I will get you penciled in. 🙂

    Andrea @ #Realmomstyle


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