NYC Mom Style with Lainie

As we cap off the week I’m happy to welcome Lainie from Me Myself & Baby I and hear about how she style secrets and loves as she parents in NYC.  

What’s your style and how being a mother changed your style?  
It’s easy for a guy to get dressed.  All he has to do is slip on a polo shirt (preferably Ralph Lauren in a pastel color) and a pair of khakis or jeans, the more well-worn, the better.  For women, it’s not quite as easy.  At various points in a female’s life, there may be some sort of “uniform.” Yet, all bodies are not created equal.
I have always enjoyed fashion and following trends and styles.  Yet, I have generally been conscious and aware of what best suits my body.  I have a large chest so while I prefer maxi and sundresses, I have to avoid strapless and spaghetti straps.
As a stay at home mom who blogs, comfort has become key.  I really enjoy wearing dresses but I spend a good chunk of the day either on the floor playing with my kids or bending down to clean up their messes off the floor.  So I spend a lot of downtime in black leggings and jeans.
I’m a pretty conservative dresser.  I tend to purchase clothes that looks a lot like other stuff I already have hanging in my closet.  My husband really likes when I wear LBDs.  Lately, I’ve been trying to go with a bit more of a bohemian flair but not sure if I can pull it off that well or if it suits my personality.  I don’t think I could ever have such a laid-back, carefree attitude.
Is there a type of clothing or accessory that you can’t live without?  
I wish I could say I have a shoe fetish but I can not wear heels.  Without a doubt, I am most comfortable in a pair of Havianas and if I didn’t live in New York City which experiences all four seasons, I’d be happy to start around in flip flops all year round.  This past season I was a big fan of ballet slippers and this year have replaced that with espadrilles.
How do you like to reward yourself when you can? 
My big indulgence is a weekly manicure and regulate pedicures.  I usually paint my nails a sheer neutral color like Essie’s Rock Candy and Starter Wife or OPI’s It’s a Girl.  I have more fun with my toes ranging from hot pinks to cotton candy or Lincoln Park After Dark in the fall and winter.



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