Whatcha Wearing Wednesday- #SNOWMYGOD Edition

This has been the last week in our little neck of the woods.





When it snows and we are stuck in doors for days on end. I end up making things like sugar cookies and nutella hot chocolate. Then I really decided to challenge myself and create this tasty treat for my Dad’s Valentine’s Day birthday.



My parents live a few hours further south and it was decided that getting out of the endless snow was really what we needed. Time near the water, with temperatures that got us out in the sun and playing outside sans snow while celebrating a milestone birthday put us all in better spirits, warming us up from the inside out.

Thankfully H and I will be getting away to warmer temps and sunny, blue skies soon and I’m already planning what I’ll wear.


Travel Fashion

I loathe being cold, especially at the airport. Chances are it will be in the 30s when we leave here so I want to stay warm. These easy layers can be used again on the trip and taken off as soon as we arrive.    I’m all about dressing up while traveling.  It starts the trip off on the right note and is easier than you think, no matter what your life is like.  Read more at my ‘Ditch the Sweats: Travel in Style’ post on Social Moms.

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STYLELIXIR Style Sessions

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    Oh man, nutella hot chocolate sounds really amazing right about now! It’s crazy how rough winter has hit everyone this year! The title of your post made me laugh! Thanks for linking up with Manic Monday and for hosting Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!