July 23, 2014

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday- Checked Shirt & Jeans

I might have to talk about the weather again and I’m sorry.  I am so OVER wearing boots it is insane.  I kind of want to hurl them off my back deck right about now.  BUT- it’s cold.  Like getting 7-10 inches of snow cold and I need to actually be warm versus looking like a fool, a stylish fool, wearing flats and heels with uncovered ankle bits.  Some say suffer for fashion, but as a mom of three who is very active that just doesn’t work.

So here we are.  Day to day style. Easy, warm and suitable to my life while still looking put together.  Plus, I got a new ‘do that makes me feel like warm weather is fast on the horizon.


Black Checked Shirt Daily Style

I wore this Monday as I was running around town. I dropped off a cake I made for a friend’s birthday, got my hair cut and did the whole school thing with the kids. The jeans are Old Navy (above), the shirt thrifted from a store in CT a few years back and the boots are Target (similar). The necklace is from Forever21. Easy and affordable. My favorite!


Candied Mint Cake for my dear friend, Kristen.

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  1. Love the new haircut!!!!!!!! This looks absolutely awesome on you :)

  2. Love the new hair cut! Bring on the warm weather!! I linked up today with casual Valentines Day outfits! Susan

  3. Fairly new blogger, blog hopping over from Manic Monday – On The Daily EXPRESS. I tried to add your button to my blog but I couldn’t. I added your link to my post today for the link-up. Have a lovely day!!

  4. First time linking up today! Thanks for hosting the linkup and thanks for adding your link to Manic Monday as well. :) I love your errand outfit – I have those Target boots and wear them ALL. THE. TIME. Your haircut looks great, too!
    On the Daily Express

  5. cute outfit!

  6. So love the outfit and it is so my style. i am quite tired of the ‘winter look’ too. ready to step outside without the bulky coat and clunky boots! Stopping by via #SITSBlogging. We meet again!

  7. I really like the plaid shirt! Thanks #sitsgirls

  8. So cute! I’m totally with you as far as the boots… one of mine is a walking boot because I broke my foot right after Christmas, so it could be worse! Great outfit. #SitsBlogging #CommentLove

  9. Cute outfit. I love boots and jeans. So many combos to wear with that.

  10. I don’t know what your hair looked like before, but the cut you got looks super cute! And I am with you on this weather. We’ve actually not got a ton of snow here compared to other areas, but it’s been so COLD. Way colder than it reasonably needs to be and I think someone should put mother nature on probation ;-)

  11. Love the outfit you put together. I think my entire wardrobe is from J.Crew Factory and Target!

  12. I love the shoe boots. I have a couple that I like to wear. I’m not over boots, I live in Wisconsin and they are a must!

  13. Love the cut. That’s a great style for you :) This is our first snowfall of the year so I’m pretty excited. But that’s the south for you. I admit, after a few years I’m starting to get homesick…

  14. All I’ve been doing is wearing boots too! I’m so ready to get back in my flats and sandals. Warm weather can’t get here soon enough.

    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging!

  15. Nice cut and outfit! I love jeans and boots. But I love sandals more, bring on spring and summer. Visiting from SITSblogging!

  16. Cute haircut! I am not a fashionista by any means, but the idea was cute. Stopping by from the SITS girls comment love. http://www.LivingHappierAfter.com

  17. comfortcoutureblog says:

    Great outfit. It looks cute and comfortable. And, the cake looks amazing! Your friend is lucky to receive such a nice cake.


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