Whatcha Wearing Wednesday- God-Awful Gifts & an ASOS GIVEAWAY!

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I’m changing things up here this week for Whatcha Wearing Wednesday.  Sure, there are outfits from you (ladies, I LOVE your links!) and from me.  With the addition of a giveaway from ASOS courtesy of NatWest Bank!!!  Read on!



 C Wonder Unwrapped Party at Tysons Corner

Shirt by Phillip Lim for Target

Pants by Target

Shoes by Nine West

Necklace from Groopdealz

Now for a bit of fun!

We all remember a gift we got as a kid that just didn’t work, wasn’t what we wanted or as parents that we totally NEVER want our kids to ask for EVER!  I bet these make it this year and many more to come! 

Tell me your the gift that made you cry tears of horror as a kid or the one that got away as a wee one.  What present as a parent do you hope your kid never asks for?  Comment and you will be entered to win the ASOS gift card worth $95 US dollars (60 pounds UK)!! I will pick a winner on December 23, 2013. That isn’t long from now!

Awful Toys 2013


1. Furby Boom

This little gem has been dragged right from the 1990’s where frankly we’re all wishing it would stay considering that greater technology carries a greater price tag. The more you play with it, the more its personality develops and where at first you may need to brush up on your Furbish.

2. One Direction Dolls

If you have a little girl, the chances are she’s a One Direction fan. This Christmas she’ll be able to get her hands on her favourite One Direction member in doll form. Fingers crossed her favourite isn’t Harry Styles. He’s the creepiest doll of the bunch.

3. Flying Fairy by Flutterbye

The Flying Flower Fairy is more like remote control helicopter for girls than a lethal weapon. Still, probably not the best toy if you want to keep your house accident free this Christmas.

4. The Teksta Dog

The Teksta Dog resembles a Furby without the fur. The dog is set to respond to your voice, physical gestures, lights and sounds just like a real dog.

5. Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker
The Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker helps kids make slushies easily, without the use of a blender. The idea is to introduce kids to cooking at an early age. Kids can pick from four different color cups or collect them all and each one includes a spoon straw. However, what it also includes no doubt is a lot of colorings, additives and very hyper children this Christmas.

6. Xbox One

If your child is a bit of a gamer kid they’ll love the new version of the popular Xbox console. The new console will provide higher quality graphics, voice recognition and compatibility with blu-ray discs among many other new features. Super expensive and will still be around, for less, after St. Nick pays a visit.

7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster
Sounds delightful doesn’t it? This Nerft Nstrike Elite Retaliator Blaster nerf gun has a 75 metre range so there’s no escaping its foam darts. With a 4-in-1 function and added extras, the blasters aim can be steadied even whilst on the run. You have been warned.

8. Interactive Minion

With the sequel Despicable Me 2 out it’s no surprise that the cute and hilarious little yellow minions may creep their way onto your child’s wish list this Christmas. He sings, talks back and pulls facial expressions whilst responding to different sound volumes. Let’s just hope your own kids don’t decide they need an army of these.

9. Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

A harbinger of rebellious teen years ahead? Perhaps.  The doll comes complete with a rather creepy pet bunny and a personal diary so your child can write down their troubles and woes after a long hard day at primary school. Let’s just hope your child doesn’t take hairstyling tips from this green and blue haired must-have toy.

10. Clydesdale Prancing Pony

Oh no, the dreaded words. Yep they’ve gone and done it, your kids have asked for a pony. It is a life size Clydesdale Prancing Pony made to look and move like a real horse. It’ll cost you over a grand, but you won’t have to feed it of course, so at least you’ll save money on food. Plus you won’t need a stable and once your child gets bored of it, you can just try stuff it up in the attic, if it fits.  Then cry yourself to sleep thinking of the weekend away you could have taken instead.


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  1. Jenny says

    When I was a kid, we really didn’t get very much, so when we did we usually were psyched no matter what. Any gift was a good gift. As for my child, who is a seven year old wild child, this year her number one request, the thing she wants more than ANYTHING else from Santa… a makeup box that folds open with multilayers of makeup, eye shadows, blush, lippies, and even a lighted mirror – darn that Ulta catalog! The worst part is I am not ready to jump into the makeup, but I can totally imagine that I would have LOVED this as a young girl too. I guess we will wait and see what Santa thinks about this.

  2. says

    I’ve heard how annoying a furby can be from my husband when his sister got one. I hope our daughter never asks for one of those!

  3. says

    The best/worst gift I ever got was when my mom couldn’t find us Cabbage Patch dolls so she made them for us. It was the most kind and thoughtful thing on the planet but of course at that age I couldn’t imagine carrying around an impostor. I plan to do something similar for my son to teach him the value of homemade gifts

  4. Lauren says

    I was pretty lucky as a kid, but when I was in college, my friend gave me a stuffed version of *her* college mascot. I’m still not exactly sure why.

  5. Mary says

    When I was maybe 12 I asked for a very special, somewhat “sophisticated” pair of pajamas from the new Disney catalog… I’d never seen anything like them & talked about them for months leading up to Christmas. So naturally I chose that box as my one Christmas Eve gift to open, with dreams of running right up and putting them on. Imagine my horror when I opened the box and there laid a boring old pair of pajamas from the adjacent catalog page! Nothing like the ones I’d been describing for months! This, of course, meant that my mother didn’t love me or listen to me. Like a 12 year old I burst into tears, threw a tantrum, and ran up to my room, essentially ruining Christmas Eve. Twenty Years later and my brothers still bring up that Christmas and my mom still has anxiety when buying any kind of gift for me.

  6. Patrycja says

    I truly hated Furby for some reason when I was a kid, haha 😀 Thank god my parents never gifted me with anything that would upset me 😉