Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

One day I was running down the path and the leaves were on fire with their golden bursts of reds, oranges and yellows.  It was magnificient and made me smile each time I gazed up at them.  In just a matter of days almost of all of them are now swirling around the blocks of our neighborhood, creating tempting piles to jump in and even beating us in the face with the high winds that have kicked up. It feels as if winter is already on its way.

Queue the outfit below. All warm knits and high boots that keep the feet warm as I battle a cold.


Sweater by H&M (old) simliar

Shirt by Old Navy (old) similar

Pants by Forever 21

Deanna’ boots by Ugg

Bracelets vintage and Color by Amber

Mixing the lighter pants with the darker top gave me a bit of a boost.  As much as I wanted my outfit to match the gray day and sort of curl into myself and let the cold take over I knew that I couldn’t.  Adding a slice of light was just what the doctor ordered.


After I took all these pictures I decided to test out a new gel nail polish by Gelish. Um, guys?! It is THE.BEST. one I have used. It blows all my other ones away because it really does dry fast, the tackiness isn’t that tacky, the color is divine and true and the shine is ridiculously high.


Did I mention that the sheer amount of colors they have blows just about every other gel polish company away?  Yes! I’m in love with this one in particular, Black Cherry Berry. It’s that perfect deep burgundy with a high gloss shine that I love for this time of year.  Get some before your next manicure.  You will not be sorry.

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