BV Nine Platinum Anti-Aging Bee Venom Cream

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I think I first hear about bee venom for anti-aging on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, GOOP.  Don’t get all rankled at the mere mention of GP, I know isn’t always easy to swallow.  However, the bee venom was something that stuck with me.  I’m not about to inject anything in my face.  Not at this point in my life or wallet.  But the BV-9 Platinum, the first 100% active ingredient skin cream using injectable grade bee venom peaked my curiosity. After all, I have this pesky dark spot (running without sunscreen, I think.) and I want it to fade from sight and memory.

darkspot Right there in the middle, about the size of a pencil eraser

Created by Benir founder Shelley Collins, BV-9 is now focused on bringing the purest, active-based ingredients with the Power Trio formula made from bee venom, arigireline and hyaluronic acid, which work together to restore skin to its natural beauty.  Pure ingredients equals pure power and I like that.  I have a small sample and for the next few weeks I will be applying the BV-9 to only that dark spot for maximum results, I hope.  I will post a picture by year’s end and we will see the results.

BV-9 is an anti-aging product first and foremost.  It does heal skin but it keeps skin soft, supple and prevents the signs of aging by moisturizing deep down.  It works like a very mild form of botox and is suggested in the dry areas like your eyes.

BV-9 Platinum is available for purchase at SRP $149 lips2


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    Hi Victoria, Thank-you for the review!

    We thought we would mention that the BV-9 Platinum is formulated as a product that improves skin texture and minimizes signs of aging such as wrinkles. For this reason I would recommend using your sample around your eyes, and anywhere you have dryness or signs of aging. The product provides a high level of hydration to the skin, heals and firms, and the argireline minimizes “dynamic” wrinkles in a way similar to a mild botox.

    BV-9 Platinum is not really a “pigment correcting” product, although it is healing and may show some improvement in this area.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email us at