5 Steps to Amazing Arms

I try not to make New Year’s resolutions  because the idea just makes me cranky. Yet, there is always something lurking in the back of my mind that I want to accomplish or try for during the year.  This year my secret goal was “Michelle Obama” arms.  After seeing the changes in my back and arms from a summer doing ME, I wanted more.  It’s a real work in progress that shows me just how much dedication it takes to get those sculpted biceps and triceps but I’m lovin’ it so far. 

But I need some help so I talked to fitness experts and yes, celebrity trainers, Jennifer Devilliers and Jolie Kobrinsky, co-founers of The Prime MethodUsing five exercises and taking about 4 weeks they  have helped stars get toned and red carpet ready.  I wanted in. 

So what are these five exercises? 

1) The T-Pushup: (10 Reps per Side)
Start off using standard pushup width, with your hands directly under your shoulders. Keep your pelvis tucked and shoulders packed throughout the movement.

· Lower yourself to the ground slowly as in a normal pushup. Hold for a few seconds and then push back up.
As your body rises, rotate to support yourself on your right hand and the side of your right foot so that your feet are stacked on the outside of your ankle. At the same time, extend your left hand to the ceiling. Create a straight line from one hand to the other.

·Rotate down to pushup position and repeat on the other side.

TIP: Your hips won’t sag if you tighten your gluteus, quadriceps and abdominal muscles.

2) The Band Assisted Pull Up: (10 Slow Reps)

· Grab bar with a grip wider than shoulder width, shoulders down. In this position, do a SCAPULAR RETRACTION to engage the upper back muscles. Hang from the bar with straight arms and without bending your arms, squeeze your shoulder blades together.

· Use a band looped under one knee to help get your chest to the bar, and then lower yourself slowly under control. Pull the bar towards you instead of pulling the body up. Expand the chest towards the bar as you pull.
· Lower under control and stop before shoulders come up. A slow descent at a 5 to 6 count will build and fully exhaust those pulling muscles in your back, along with the biceps.

TIP: Keep your entire body tight (tighter is lighter)

3) The Push Plank: (10 Reps)

· Start in an extended child’s position on your knees and the balls of your feet.

· Push directly forward with your tail tucked, chin down and catch yourself in a plank position – with your
elbows into your ribcage and your hands below your shoulders.

· Push back to with your palms to start position, driving your glutes to your heels.

TIP: Keep shoulders packed down throughout movement

4) The Rocca Press: (10 Reps)

· Start in a wide Down Dog position on the balls of your feet.

· Keep your back flat, belly in and quads locked and lower top of head to the floor by bending the elbows back at a 45 degree angle. Then, press up and repeat.


5) The Forward Ellipse: (10 Reps)

· Start on hands and knees with knees lifted off the ground. Shift your bodyweight forward until your chest goes past your hands (You can adjust difficulty by how far past your hands you travel).

· Next – swoop your chest down towards the mat and exhale. Hover backwards along the mat, just grazing the surface, until your butt reaches to your heels.

· Then, make yourself come back to the starting position. (You will be creating an elliptical pattern with your trunk: forward, down, back and up. Drive with your palm heels, wrists straight.) .
TIPS: Exhale to drive, pull your elbows toward your hips, keep your back flat, tighten your gut, tuck in your tail, and squeeze your glutes.

Want to know more? 

The Prime Method  is a fantastic online program developed by Devillers and Kobrinsky to help you customize your fitness and nutrition plans.  It includes recipes, routines, web exercise classes, virtual personal training sessions and a lot more.  It is a pretty sweet deal for about $29.99 per month (or 1 week for 1 penny trial membership).