What I Wore Wednesday

It’s been a busy week and I wore some pretty cute outfits and um.. forgot to take pictures.  Including the black BR wrap dress I found in the way back of my closet that I paired with a black and white striped tube top from The Limited. Yes, I said tube top and yes, I mean the stretchy and super tight kind. But here is what I caught on camera this week. 

































I wrote a post about those green pants on The DC Moms.

Pants & Shirt- Old Navy
Bracelet – Target
Sandals- Bandalino

































Tank- Banana Republic (there are cute green enameld buttons trimmed in gold at the top that you can’t see and I love the pockets but I just don’t think this shirt is working for me.
Capri’s- H&M
Shoes- TOMS

On another note, a conversation with a friend about a possible name change for The Mummy Chronicles has lead me to the possibility of calling this blog, ‘Pearls are Optional’. Tagline revised to- Attitude is a Must.

What do you think?


    • says

      I know this but I don’t know the in’s and outs of re-branding. I feel like I am already in the swing of that with how I’ve changed the content on here. The new name is like the final axe on TMC.

  1. Ann says

    I also agree that it’s a good idea. And I like that – “Pearls are Optional.” It’s catchy, plus maintains some of the original.