With Open Arms

Last night as I put the girls to bed I asked them if anyone had a special prayer they wanted to add. I do this every night and it usually is answered with, “Yes! Please ask God to heal the skin on my toe that hurts.” or it becomes a request for all the candy in the world.

Last night was different.

Last night TD answered, “Yes, Mommy, let’s say a prayer for your friend Susan. Let’s pray that when she arrives in heaven she is welcomed with open arms.”

She is five, people. Five.

I couldn’t even hold back the tears that crept into my eyes, the tears that have now formed again as I type this post. I climbed up her bunk bed ladder and gave her another hug. I kissed her forehead, wetting it with tears of admiration and love. I told her I loved her very much, that she is so so special and sweet. That what she said touched me and that she shouldn’t worry because Susan was already in heaven and was welcomed by many, many open arms.

If you want to honor and remember Susan then please donate to the IBC Research Foundation.