Overheards: Star Trek Edition

Scene:  H and I are in bed reading.  Er..I’m trying to read and he’s asking inane questions over my shoulder just to annoy the hell out of me.  Marriage is bliss, people!

H:  Ah, the prologue.  You are going to read the prologue? 

Me:  Um.. yes.  (Scoots a few inches away)

H:  And you’ll read the epilogue, right? 

Me: (Sighing audibly) Yesss…  I will. 

H:  Is there ever just like, a log or something?

Me:  A log? Like the middle section?

H: Yeah, a log (he sounds it out, “log-ooh”.)

Me: Sure there is, the middle part is “log-ooh” or just log.  As in, “Captain’s Log:  Stardate…”

He flicks me in the ear.